Workshop: Ceramic

Topic: Social Exclusion


Workshop Title: Story telling through touch


Participants: Young persons between 18 – 30 years old


Mentor: Souzana Petri


Workshop Objectives:

Arts now appear in peacebuilding practice on a global scale comprising of wide-ranging and colorful activities. Creative approaches to peace building not only generate a common ground for people of different backgrounds to come together but it also fosters their capacities required for peace such as: receptivity, creativity, self-empowerment, empathy etc.


The ceramic workshops aim to encourage participants to express their feelings creatively as clay can open a dialogue between their inner world and their personal creative writing.


Participants will discover the power of one of the five senses, which is touch and its importance regarding the stimulation of creativity flow.


Desired Outcomes:

Participants are expected to:

·       Discover the qualities of clay and develop effective communication

·       Express their feelings and creative writing through making

·       Allow the power of clay to work as a tool of confidence when it comes to their own creative writing




·       Ice breaker activities with the use of clay

·       Explore the material and its capacity

·       Technical Demonstration by the mentor Souzana Petri


Feeling the bid exercise

Participants will be asked to express the feelings on clay by touch, while listening to different types of music. This is a very important exercise in terms of freedom and expression without thinking.


Writing and making

·       The participants will be asked to produce a 2d or 3d object that will work as an inspiration for a new poem which will be written by the end of the workshop. All the senses will come together and they will lead in an interesting outcome where the group has to discuss and share their experience.


Subject will be on:

·       Alienation

·       Social Exclusion

·       Otherness

·       Etc.



·       Clay

·       Sculpting tools, Brushes, fabric etc.


Articulate offers an alternative platform for democratic participation.

Stay tuned to learn more on how our workshops will utilize arts to enhance productive dialogue and active citizenship!