Meaningful and rewarding experiences


This summer, Nicosia promises to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our young workshop participants from Granada and Cyprus. ARTiculate will offer creative writing. ceramic art, and visual art workshops aiming to engage, connect, and empower !


In November 2022 our Creative Writing Workshops go online, aiming to guide participants to comprehend the threat of climate change through writing/storytelling and with the intent of stimulating their creativity towards taking action for the environment and developing a greener mindset both in their everyday life and as writers.

The Experience

Through these workshops. participants will gain meaningful and rewarding experiences, connection and interaction with young people from different cultural backgrounds, intercultural skills development. self-awareness and growth.


During the online workshops, involved in structured writing activities led by local writers, participants will be inspired toward an understanding of humankind’s responsibility for global warming and will articulate these insights through their writing to inspire positive environmental conscience.



They will participate in a series of interactive workshops during which they will be guided by art mentors, to explore the dimensions of self-empowerment through arts and storytelling with the intent of becoming actively engaged in democracy and empowered for their own positive futures. Involved in structured art activities led by local artists, participants will be inspired toward an understanding of their relationships with the world and will articulate these insights through arts to inspire positive social change.


The online workshops will incorporate the use of digital tools and learning methods to complement their tasks applying an environmental-friendly approach to workshop implementation and engaging all participants in the path of digital transformation. Thus, ARTiculate’s priority on the environment and the fight against climate change will be addressed in practice.