Kickoff Meeting (Nicosia)

The kickoff meeting for the project took place in Nicosia on 28 and 29 of May 2022. During the two working days, productive discussions between the participants set the foundations for effective project management, which is instrumental to the project’s success.


There were various sessions within each of the two working days according to the agreed agenda.


Participants on behalf of the Project Coordinator, ROOM FOR ART:


Erato Ioannou - Chair of the Board and Project Manager


Constantinos Moustakas - Treasurer


Andreas Kyriakou – Graphic Designer (collaborator)


Christos R. Tsiailis (online) - Workshop Facilitator (Creative Writing)


Souzana Petri (online) - Workshop Facilitator (Ceramics)


Marina Zervou - Workshop Facilitator (Drawing)


Participants on behalf of the Partner, University of Granada (UGR):


Moschos Morfakidis Filactos – Professor


Panagiota Papadopoulou – Project Manager


In addition to the various documents produced, the kickoff meeting managed to deliver develop the knowledge and skills of partner representatives, helped them gain a deeper understanding of the project and its objectives and strengthened their commitment to it.


Last but not least, the kickoff meeting was fully paperless and green practices were implemented throughout.